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Everything Has A Beginning

So I suppose that because everything has an end, everything must have a beginning. This is where my thoughts start. It would be nice if I could keep up with things that I start. It would be nice if I could end things I began. But I tend to have trouble with that. Let’s just hope I can continue this blog, as I want to have something to remember and look back on in the future.

Today was a pretty great day. I woke up at the usual time- 6am- changed and fed Ashlyn and got to work on my coffee drinking. Two cups later, I was already watching Prison Break and pumping 4oz of breast milk. I have 1oz left until my stash has 60oz. That is enough for me to go back to working full-time and have 3 days worth of breast milk saved for my little chugger. I’m excited. After I had done that, I planned out my day and Nate woke up. We spent some time together without fighting, which was nice. Next thing we knew, it was time to leave for our child birthing class reunion. It was simple but fun. Everyone seemed to be surprised that I am still breast feeding and actually went through with it. It seems I’m the one of the only ones. The Bumps& Babies Fair was after that and my mom and I went, buying Ashy a couple more things for when summer hits and later when she’s older. Then we went back to my mom’s house and had burgers. Now I’m back home watching Prison Break again. Funny how each day seems to wrap up in a full circle, huh? But I guess that’s how life is…

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